Lighting Pizza oven 

There are several ways to light a pizza oven. With small wood or with the help of the Blazaball. We are more than happy to explain both ways of lighting a pizza oven to you!


Lighting Pizza oven with small wood

A common way to light the pizza oven is by using small wood and firelighters. Place some firelighters with a few small pieces of kindling wood on them in the center of the pizza oven, preferably under the flue. Stack the kindling wood in a pyramid fashion so that the firelighters receive sufficient oxygen and can therefore ignite well. Light the fire starters. Make sure the pizza oven's flue is open so that there is sufficient draft. Then close the door of the pizza oven. When the small wood is burning well, add a few larger blocks of wood. Be careful not to choke the kindling wood with the larger blocks of wood. Once the larger wood burns well, you can move it to a place where it won't bother you while baking your pizza's.


Lighting Pizza oven with the Blazaball

If you use the Blazaball, you don't need kindling wood, just the firestarters. Fill the Blazaball with some fire starters and place it in the pizza oven. The location does not matter, so you can light the wood right where you want it to be. This way you don't have to move the wood in the meantime. Light the fire starters in the Blazaball. Then place large blocks of wood on the Blazaball and let the Blazaball dwork his magic. Due to its design, the Blazaball ensures that sufficient air can reach the firelighters at all times. This will prevent the fire from suffocating and enables you to light a fire without kindling wood.

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