What does the Blazabll do?
With the Blazaball you can light your BBQ or wood fire easily, quickly and safely without using
kindling wood or liquid fuel. All you need are a few firelighters!

Lighting a fireplace
With the Blazaball you can light your fireplace without kindling wood. You don't have to pay attention to how you stack the wood, you just place the wood on top of the Blazaball however you please. Easy does it!

Light the BBQ
You can also easily light the BBQ with the Blazaball, no liquid fuel needed! Whether you use briquettes or charcoal, all you need are a few firelighters. Put the firelighters in the Blazaball, place the Blazaball in your BBQ, light the fire starters and throw the briquettes or charcoal on top of the Blazaball.

Lighting fire pit
Do you find it difficult to start a proper fire in a fire pit? Often people reach for the liquid fuel to light their wood. Not very safe and with the Blazaball not necessary! Fill the Blazaball, put it at the bottom of your fire pit, light the fire starters and just stack the wood on top! 

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