Less hussle, more fire!

The compact Blazaball is an inventive and sustainable piece of equipment for everybody who wants to make a fire. The two lightweight stainless steel parts are able to resist high temperatures and last a long time. No matter where and when you want to make a fire: Do not forget to take the Blazaball with you. Together with some firestarters, the Blazaball is the perfect match for a good fire!



“Ook voor briketten!”

BlazaBall Blazaball.
BlazaBall Blazaball.
BlazaBall Blazaball.
BlazaBall Blazaball.


Merk: BlazaBall

Delivery time: When ordered on a workday before 16h, shipped the same day. When ordering 2 or more Blazaballs, no shipping costs.

This is the Blazaball. The indispensable and sustainable tool to quickly and safely light your BBQ or wood fire. With the Blazaball you light your briquettes or wood without the use of any other tool. Less hussle, more fire.

  • Sustainable, made from stainless steel
  • Compact, a diameter of just 10 cm
  • Suitable for wood, briquettes and charcoal



“‘Ik heb de Blazaball afgelopen weekend voor het eerst gebruikt om mijn Big Green Egg aan te steken. Het werkte perfect!'”


“Een handig gereedschap om je vuur mee aan te steken!”


“'Heb je wat meer moeite of wil je gewoon meer trefzekerheid, dan is de Blazaball zeker de moeite waard. Eigenlijk is het raar dat het zo lang duurde voordat zoiets als dit op de markt is gekomen. Briljant!'”


Where can you use the Blazaball?

Whether you want to light your fire place, your BBQ, your firepit or pizza oven, with the Blazaball you can make a fire in 5 steps!


Pizza oven

Fire Place